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Welcome to Lilac Hills Ranch
A sustainable community in North San Diego County that promotes healthy living by connecting residents with the natural environment.

A neighborhood grounded in traditional small-town values embracing 21st Century design and sustainability. Lilac Hills Ranch is conveniently located
to intersect with major transportation corridors and other existing infrastructure. It will
showcase new design and technology,
making it the perfect place to grow smart
and live green.

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Greenhouse Gas Goes
kaBOOM on Housing
—February 2, 2016

Actor Jeff Bridges has a spectacular 9,535 square-feet compound for sale in Montecito for $29.5 Million. It’s a one-of-a-kind place, located on 19.5 acres with expansive…

Why affordable housing is now a
middle-class crisis in California: Christopher Thornberg
—January 18, 2016

Debate about California’s housing crisis typically revolves around low-income households. The rule of thumb is that people shouldn’t spend more than 30…

U.S. Proposes Spending $4 Billion
on Self-Driving Cars
—January 15, 2016

DETROIT — With automakers and technology companies rushing to develop self-driving cars, the Obama administration pledged to expedite regulatory guidelines for autonomous vehicles and invest…

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