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Welcome to Lilac Hills Ranch
A sustainable community in North San Diego County that promotes healthy living by connecting residents with the natural environment.

A neighborhood grounded in traditional small-town values embracing 21st Century design and sustainability. Lilac Hills Ranch is conveniently located
to intersect with major transportation corridors and other existing infrastructure. It will
showcase new design and technology,
making it the perfect place to grow smart
and live green.

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San Diego People: Housing Crisis
—June 27, 2016

San Diego has one of the highest cost of livings in the country. KUSI’s San Diego People talks about the housing crisis in San Diego and how it impacts the county…


San Diego Needs A
Pro-Housing Constituency

—June 23, 2016

SAN DIEGO — Current housing constituencies are against development, but keeping our current course will throw San Diego into economic crisis…

10 Years After Housing Peaked,
US is More of a Renter Nation

—June 20, 2016

MOUNT PLEASANT, South Carolina (AP) — It’s a troublesome story playing out across America in the 10 years since the housing bubble peaked and then burst…

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Important Updates about Lilac Hills Ranch
—February 11, 2016

A recent article in the San Diego Business Journal reports that a group of Lilac Hills Ranch supporters from Bonsall, Fallbrook and Valley Center filed a petition…