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Welcome to Lilac Hills Ranch
A sustainable community along North San Diego County's I-15 corridor that promotes healthy living by connecting residents with the natural environment.

A neighborhood grounded in traditional small-town values embracing 21st Century design and sustainability. Lilac Hills Ranch is conveniently located to intersect with major transportation corridors and other existing infrastructure. It will
showcase new design and technology,
making it the perfect place to grow smart
and live green.

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Lilac Hills Ranch Decisions Nearing
— August 3, 2015

VALLEY CENTER — A hotly contested proposal to build more than 1,700 homes near Valley Center in semirural North County got a boost last week when county planners recommended the project be approved.…

County Recommends Approval
for Lilac Hills Ranch

— July 30, 2015

The County of San Diego published the official Lilac Hills Ranch Staff Report, which can be found at…

New Houses Won’t Drain
Our Water Supply

— July 1, 2015

We sometimes hear that new development is going to make San Diego run out of water.That’s not true, say city and county water officials…

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